Greener. Cleaner. Smarter

  • Parkade
  • Condo parking
  • School parking lots
  • Hotel and banquet halls
  • Conference center lots
  • Municipal Parking
  • Warehouse facilities

The unique design makes fast work of large facilities with its wide cleaning path, excellent maneuverability and high capacity hopper. The Proterra™ is the ideal industrial sweeper, from factories to warehouses, parking garages to foundries and much more Industrial floor sweeping for interior or exterior parking area with dust control.

We also offer a specialized industrial scrubber for interior garage spaces. Available earlier spring 2020. (Booking appointment now) Asphalt repairs available

“A reliable and professional service”

Hotel director of operations

“Industrial Sweeping: Minimizing Airborne Dust” by Braden Wells

“Advance SW8000 with DustGuard™ Technology” courtesy of Jordan Power Cleaning Equipment